Update – Second Metting of the Crafters Market

The second meeting of the Prospect Road Craft Market members was held on June 6th at the PRCC.

Plans are moving along to make this year’s market as much a success as last year’s event. First of all it has been decided that to be a MEMBER of the Craft Market you must either attend at least 50% of the meetings and if unable to do so then you will be required to take on a task either helping promote the event or become a member on one of the other committees.

Our next meeting date of July 4th is the cut-off date to become a member of this year’s market so if you are unable to attend please contact Ken Beazley at 852-4254 or beazley@hotmail.com to express you interest.

From some of the statistics gathered last year, it is estimated that we had an attendance somewhere between 800 to 1,000 visitors to the market. This alone should encourage many new sellers this year from our own area as well as crafters and artisans from other areas of the province.

We are now in a position to start taking registration applications and our contact person this year for the registration package is Melissa at 850-2440 or by emailing your request to craftersmarket@prospectcommunities.com

The cost of spaces this year is as follows:

  • Early Registration – Before September 1st –
  • Resident of Prospect Road and surrounding communities $30.00 per space
  • Residents outside the Prospect Road area $40.00per space
  • **Applications received after September 1st will have a price increase of $5.00 per space.
  • Tables are provided if required.

Because our venue received such positive feedback last year and with our prices being so reasonable should you wish to be a seller it is suggested that you apply as soon as possible.

The Ladies Auxiliary of St. Timothy’s Church will once again be providing the shoppers with another delicious lunch you don’t want to miss.

So be sure that October 15th 2011, from 10a.m. to 4 p.m. is available for you to come out and support your local community and have a nice social afternoon of shopping and lunch all under one roof.

Hope to see you there –
Bev Blackburn
Member of Prospect Road Craft Market

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Photos from the Market
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