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Crafters and Artisans invite you to the 3rd annual Prospect Road Crafters’ Market

Saturday October 20th 10:00am – 5:00pmAt the Prospect Road Community Centre, 2141 Prospect Road There will be a wide variety of treasures to choose from when checking off your holiday shopping list!! A number of vendors from the former Prospect Road Craft crawl, along with many new from Bridgewater, the Valley and HRM eagerly await to display their talents!!  A few other things to look forward to:Admission and Parking are freeGenerous door prize to be given away!Free face painting for the little ones.The St. Timothy’s Ladies Auxiliary cook up a delicious hot lunchThe BBQ will be sizzling and tended to

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Deadline to Become a Member is June 30th

2012 Prospect Road Crafters’ Market October 20, 2012, 10am to 5 pm Members of the Prospect Road Crafters’ Market recently held their second meeting. To become a member of this year’s market you will need to email your intentions by June 30th to and have your membership fee of $10.00 paid by our next meeting on July 9th. Membership entitles you a discount on your table prices along with ability to help plan this year’s event. The members voted to put a limit on the number of tables available this year to 100, so that we are able to

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Photos from the Market
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