The 2011 Crafters’ Market is Just Around the Corner!

2011 Prospect Road Crafters Market

2011 Prospect Road Crafters’ Market
Prospect Road Community Centre
2141 Prospect Road
Hatchet Lake,
October 15, 2011
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Map to the market

The market is quickly filling up and we now have a cut-off date for registrations to be received with full payment.  Wednesday, October 12th, will be the last day for any crafters that are interested in securing a spot at the market.  Presently, the gym is completely booked and we are now filling spaces in the Dance Studio.  Our registration forms are on our website HERE or you can contact our registrar Melissa at 850-2440.

This year’s market is proving to be a very exciting time and here are some of the highlights –

  • Admission is Free
  • Parking is Free
  • Local Bus Service now available
  • Chance at our Door Prize
  • Homemade Lunch from St. Timothy’s Church on site
  • Information Room from local non-profit groups
  • And close to 100 tables of exciting arts and crafts

So come out to the Community Centre on Saturday, October 15th and bring a friend, do some shopping, have a great lunch and enjoy the sites and sounds of your local market.

Thanking you in advance,
All members of the 2011 Prospect Road Crafters’ Market….


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Photos from the Market
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