Just Imagine

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“Just Imagine” has been in existence prior to the Prospect Road Craft Crawl some 14 years ago. Artists Tina Bowie and Melissa Verge have owned and operated many entrepreneurial businesses such as Sheltie breeding and pet sitting services, 25 year housekeeping service, cake decorating, decorative art sales.

Tina currently gives of her artistic talents to the Spiritual Support Committee at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish, donates her acrylic paintings to worthy causes such as the Mental Health Service for their yearly art show and sales fundraiser.

Melissa is currently operating a very unique business called “Just Imagine Urns’ www.JustImagineUrns.ca or 902 222 0386

Using her artistic skills to help families create an ‘Urn’ that best reflects their memories of a loved one. Together they also offer “Card Making” Classes in their home (852-4113) (no skills required!!!)

“Just Imagine” is stepping out and joining the 1st Annual Prospect Road Crafters’ Market! True to our name we would like you to come and experience where our artistic “imagination” has been taking us. Whether you are keen to learn “how to….” or simply wish to purchase our ‘creative products’ we are confident that you will enjoy the journey. Some of our products available this year are Acrylic Paintings, Santa’s Wish List, Gifts under $5.00 (for those deserving acknowledgment i.e. teachers, childcare givers), Stocking Stuffers, Ornaments, Gift Card Holders and much, much more! Our goal this year was to create gifts that are useable, unique, inexpensive while respecting the environment. Hope to see you there!!!!

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Photos from the Market
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