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Update – Second Metting of the Crafters Market

The second meeting of the Prospect Road Craft Market members was held on June 6th at the PRCC. Plans are moving along to make this year’s market as much a success as last year’s event. First of all it has been decided that to be a MEMBER of the Craft Market you must either attend at least 50% of the meetings and if unable to do so then you will be required to take on a task either helping promote the event or become a member on one of the other committees. Our next meeting date of July 4th is

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2nd Annual Prospect Road Crafters’ Market – October 15th, 2011

The first meeting of the year, of the Prospect Road Crafters’ Market was recently held. Although this may seem early to start planning for the fall, there are many issues to be discussed and committees to be set up. The next meeting will be JUNE 6th at 7 p.m. at the Prospect Road Community Centre, and if you plan on becoming a member it is important that you attend, as there will be a cut-off date for membership this year. Guidelines are being prepared to identify who qualifies as a member of the market and therefore benefits from such things

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Photos from the Market
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